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About Us

Welcome to Canvas Print Studio, a playground for creativity and imagination.

The expression “A picture is worth a thousand words” is an idiom that has expressed the emotional connection we all have experienced when we encounter images that have been personal, thought provoking and artistic.

A picture is worth

a thousand words

At Canvas Print Studio, we want you to have the freedom and creative tools to showcase your special and treasured moments in amazing, stunning and unique wall displays that reflect your individual style and décor.  That is why we say, Express Your Story, Your Way. 

Welcome to a new world of design possibilities.  Discover amazing layouts that until now were not possible.  We rewrote the book on canvas wall art with our Studio Linen product line, featuring Studio Frames and Studio Shapes.  Wall art that was once limited to traditional square and rectangle shapes now has new possibilities with our patent pending Studio Shapes.

Our mission is to provide high quality products and visually stunning layouts all designed within a custom creative print studio like no other. 

Imagined, designed and created from photo enthusiasts, industry creatives, and artist connoisseurs – we are Canvas Print Studio.